This week we received our first three Ryeland ewe lambs, locally called gimmer hoggs. Although we collected our starter flock from Ryeside Ryelands in Yorkshire, the bloodline is directly from the Broomwell Ryeland flock at Lockerbie. These lambs will not form the nucleus of our Melbecks Ryelands flock.

Ryelands are very docile and friendly sheep. They are one of the oldest sheep breeds in the country – you can find out more about Ryelands here. Ryelands are most notably known for their woolly fleeces and teddy bear looks.

Our Melbecks Ryelands - three ewe lambs collectively known as Destiny's Child
Three Ryeland ewe lambs collectively known as Destiny’s Child – Kelly, Beyonce & Michelle

The girls are collectively called ‘Destiny’s Child’ – Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle (with the beauty spot). Once they had settled in for about a week, they were moved to new pasture just a few miles away.

Beyonce - our best Ryeland lamb.
Beyonce – our best Ryeland lamb.

In the coming months, we will be acquiring more Ryeland sheep and also a ram.