Melbecks Ryelands

This week we received our first three Ryeland ewe lambs, locally called gimmer hoggs. Although we collected our starter flock from Ryeside Ryelands in Yorkshire, the bloodline is directly from the Broomwell Ryeland flock at Lockerbie. These lambs will not form the nucleus of our Melbecks Ryelands flock.

Ryelands are very docile and friendly sheep. They are one of the oldest sheep breeds in the country – you can find out more about Ryelands here. Ryelands are most notably known for their woolly fleeces and teddy bear looks.

Our Melbecks Ryelands - three ewe lambs collectively known as Destiny's Child

Three Ryeland ewe lambs collectively known as Destiny’s Child – Kelly, Beyonce & Michelle

The girls are collectively called ‘Destiny’s Child’ – Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle (with the beauty spot). Once they had settled in for about a week, they were moved to new pasture just a few miles away.

Beyonce - our best Ryeland lamb.

Beyonce – our best Ryeland lamb.

In the coming months, we will be acquiring more Ryeland sheep and also a ram.



Hound Trailing in the Lake District

You may not have noticed this activity in the Lake District. Despite its popularity, it is a low key event that is not widely advertised. However, this sport in which hounds race along a pre-planned route is great for spectators and dog lovers alike.

1519 14 Hound Trail - Plumpton

Hound Trailing has its origins in the 18th Century but it wasn’t until 1906 that the Hound Trailing Association was formed to govern the sport. Hound Trailing is essentially a race between hounds over moorland, fells and fields. The hounds follow a pre-laid trail of aniseed.

1439 52 Hound Trail - Plumpton

Often the hounds will have to cross a barbed wire fence where a wooden rail has been placed to prevent any injury. The first hound to cross the finish line is declared the winner. During the race the owners will be shouting and blowing whistles to encourage their hound.

1411 141 Lazonby Hound Trailing

Hound Trailing is a seasonal sport, extending from April 1st to October 31st. Throughout the season there are five main events:

  • May Day
  • Dog Produce
  • Bitch Produce
  • August Premier
  • October Meet

In addition Hound Trails take place about 12 times a week throughout Cumbria. As well as being a great spectator sport, Hound Trailing is an event where you can have a bet on your choice of winner. You may also see Hound Trailing at one of the many agricultural shows held throughout the summer in the Lake District. If you want to keep up with the latest Hound Trailing news, the Keswick Reminder reports of the latest results.