Wildlife Around Melbecks

Last May we were fortunate enough to have a wildlife photographer stay with us here are Melbecks. Not only did he take some great photographs from his cottage window but also managed to get some photographs of badgers as they emerged from there sett in the nearby woods.

Squirrels In Action

The Red Squirrels are a great attraction at Melbecks and we have an active population. They tend to come looking for food in the early morning or late afternoon, and seem to know when a fresh supply of nuts has been placed outside for them.

Red squirrel with a hazelnut on the lawn at Melbecks Holiday Cottages, Lake District
Red Squirrel with a hazelnut on the lawn at Melbecks
A leaping red squirrel after it has dislodged a bird feeder filled with peanuts on the lawn in front of our lake district cottages at melbecks
Red Squirrel in action after it has dislodged a bird feeder filled with peanuts


Crows are ever present at Melbecks. Although they don’t roost with us, they are often seem around the chicken pen on the lookout for tit-bits and spilt food.

A crow on the lawn taking peanuts from a dislodged bird feeder.

Lollipop Bird or Long Tailed Tit

The Long-Tailed Tit or Lollipop Bird is a frequent visitor to the garden. Here a young bird in its distinctive bottled shaped nest hidden in a gorse bush is being fed.

A long-tailed tit feed its young as they emerge from their bottle shaped nest hidden in a gorse bush.
Hidden in a gorse bush, a long-tailed tit feeds its young


These nocturnal creatures are very shy and not usually out in the day time. Here we see a youngster tentatively emerging from its sett

A young badger emerges from its sett hidden in the gorse and looks round.
A young Badger emerges from its sett
A dirty headed badger coming out of its sett at dusk.